Labyrinth Reboot Planned at Tri-Star


A Labyrinth reboot is being planned at Tri-Star.

A Labyrinth reboot is being planned, although it’s uncertain if it will manifest as a sequel or a remake

A Labyrinth reboot is on the way from Tri-Star Pictures, says a story today at The Hollywood Reporter. It is uncertain whether or not the new Labyrinth will serve as a sequel to or a remake of Jim Henson’s 1986 fantasy classic, starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie. The trade notes that Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman has been brought aboard to supply the screenplay.

Scripted by Terry Jones from a story by Dennis Lee, the original Labyrinth was the final project from Henson. Connelly plays a young woman, Sarah, who accidentally offers up her baby brother to the Goblin King, Jareth (Bowie). To rescue the child, Sarah must navigate a fantastical world of creatures and magic until she can ultimately face off against Jareth himself.

News of the Labyrinth reboot comes, unfortunately, in the wake of the tragic news surrounding David Bowie’s passing earlier this month.

Since working on Guardians of the Galaxy, Perlman has returned to Marvel Studios to work on the screenplay for 2019’s Captain Marvel.

The Henson Company‘s Lisa Henson is attached to produce the Labyrinth reboot. Nicole Brown will oversee for Tri-Star.

Back in 2013, it was reported that Walt Disney Pictures was developing their own film titled Labyrinth. Although that project is not connected to the Henson film, it is said to follow a similar storyline with the central protagonist being a princess who has to traverse a dangerous maze in order to save her father. The current status of Disney’s Labyrinth project is unknown.

How do you feel about a Labyrinth reboot? Would you rather see a sequel to the original or a full-on remake? Share your thoughts in the comments below.