Concept Art and Info on Carl Rinch’s Small


Peter Sciretta of /Film may have found himself the next District 9 in the form of a film called Small from Carl Erik Rinsch, Ridley Scott’s protege (and son-in-law), a commercial director at RSA who at one point was rumored to helm the prequel to Scott’s Alien for 20th Century Fox.

A few days ago, Rinsch’s short film “The Gift” appeared online, which you can watch below, and almost immediately it was reported that a few studios had begun a bidding war to expand it into a feature length film. Except that Rinsch already had been developing it as a feature film called Small and “The Gift” was meant as a prequel to that. Besides that info, /Film has learned that Rinsch had already been working with J.J. Palomo, whose Spanish FX company has done many of his commercials, to develop the designs for the film and they got their hands at some of that concept art.

What Rinsch will do with Small is the question of the minute, given the recent bidding war–it’s rumored that 20th Century Fox has the advantage due to their relationship with Scott–but the director is also currently developing a remake of Universal’s Creature From the Black Lagoon and the samurai film 47 Ronin for Keanu Reeves.

You can watch Rinsch’s short film “The Gift” below, and you can see the full-sized teaser picture and more concept art, as well as their full story on the movie over at /Film.

Check back soon as we learn more about what this upcoming filmmaker has in store for you.