Zootopia movie posters include Check out a series of Zootopia movie posters straight from the animal world of the film. See Giraffic World, Cinderelephant, Fifty Shades of Prey and more!

Check Out Zootopia Movie Posters From Our World and Theirs!

Take a look at Zootopia movie posters from the animal world and our own!

Check out a new Zootopia movie poster alongside several movie posters from the world of the film

Walt Disney Animation Studios has debuted the new official Zootopia movie poster alongside several Zootopia movie posters straight from the animal world of the film! In the gallery viewer below, you can check out designs featuring 2015 hits like Giraffic Park, 50 Shades of Prey, Cinderelephant and more!

Directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore and co-directed by Jared Bush, Zootopia takes place in the animal-filled city of the same name, as it follows optimistic Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin). She discovers that being the first bunny on a police force of big, tough animals isn’t so easy. Determined to prove herself, she jumps at the opportunity to crack a case, even if it means partnering with a fast-talking, scam-artist fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), to solve the mystery.

Other characters and the actors who will voice them include Shakira as Gazelle, Idris Elba as Chief Bogo (head of the Zootopian Police Department), Octavia Spencer is Mrs. Otterson, J.K. Simmons is Mayor Leodore Lionhearted, Tommy Chong is Yax the Yak (“a most enlightened, laid-back bovine”), Nate Torrence is Benjamin Clawhauser, Jenny Slate is Assistant Mayor Bellwether (“a sweet sheep with a little voice and a lot of wool”), Alan Tudyk is Duke Weaselton (“a small-time weasel crook with a big-time mouth”), Raymond Persi is Flash (“the fastest sloth working at Zootopia’s DMV — the Department of Mammal Vehicles”) and Bonny Hunt and Don Lake are the voices of Judy Hopps’ mother and father, Bonnie and Stu (“a carrot farmer from Bunnyburrow”).

Zootopia opens in theaters on March 4, 2016. If you didn’t already check it out, be sure to read our interview with Byron Howard and Rich Moore wherein Zootopia movies from the animal world are discussed!

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