Hugh Jackman to Film Real Steel in Michigan


The Detroit Free Press reports that DreamWorks will begin filming the Shawn Levy-directed Real Steel in Michigan this June.

“The movie will be filmed primarily in Michigan at locations in metro Detroit and across the state,” said the newspaper.

The sci-fi action-adventure, starring Hugh Jackman, is targeted for a November 18, 2011 release.

In the film, based on Richard Matheson’s short story, Jackman plays an ex-fighter who becomes a promoter when human boxing is outlawed for being too violent. The new gladiators are 2,000-pound robots with human qualities. The ex-fighter’s access to sub-standard robot parts hampers his hopes for glory in Robot Boxing, until he discovers a discarded robot that always seems to win. The ex-fighter has also discovered he’s the father of a 13-year old son, and they bond as the robot brawls its way toward the top.