Alex Zamm Taken to Lead Marvin the Martian


According to the L.A. Times, Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have signed director Alex Zamm to helm Marvin the Martian, the big screen feature film based around the Bugs Bunny nemesis introduced in the 1948 cartoon short “Haredevil Hare.” Television vets Paul Kaplan and Mark Tosgrove have also been signed to write the screenplay for the movie based around the premise that Marvin plans to destroy earth on Christmas Day but ends up being wrapped up as a Christmas present instead. Marvin will be CG but surrounded by live actors similar to Alvin and the Chipmunks, Stuart Little, Garfield and yes, Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

The piece speculates one of the voices we might hear as Marvin is none other than Shrek himself, comedian Mike Myers, and that the producers have already spoken to him and others for the role.

Zamm has also signed up to make a movie based on Hanna Barbera’s cartoon character “Hong Kong Phooey” although presumably that won’t happen until after the completion of “Marvin.” Currently, Marvin the Martian is on the release schedule for October 7, 2011, but one would expect this will move back a month or two to take advantage of the movie’s holiday themes.

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