“Oh, God no!” Don’t Expect a ‘Back to the Future’ Reboot Any Time Soon

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future

Universal Pictures

Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Star Wars. That’s the order in which I prefer those three popular franchises, and given Star Wars will pick back up again in December and news that a fifth Indiana Jones movie may or may not be in some form of development, the following statement from Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis about rebooting that popular franchise makes me pretty happy.

“Oh, God no. That can’t happen until both Bob [Gale] and I are dead,” Zemeckis was quoted in The Telegraph. Of course, that doesn’t stop such a thing from happening further down the line, which Zemeckis is already prepared for. “And then I’m sure they’ll do it, unless there’s a way our estates can stop it.” Boy, I really hope that is the case.

Zemeckis and Gale’s contracts with Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment are set up such that the pair have final say on the production of any films related to the series as long as they are alive. And it seems they don’t intend to sign off on any, though Zemeckis knows it could mean massive financial success a la Jurassic World, which brought life back to the Jurassic Park franchise in the form of a record-breaking opening weekend and a worldwide box office tally that currently sits at $1.246 billion.

“Outrageous” is what Zemeckis calls the idea of a remake or reboot, “Especially since it’s a good movie. It’s like saying ‘Let’s remake Citizen Kane. Who are we going to get to play Kane?’ What folly, what insanity is that? Why would anyone do that?”

Some might read that Citizen Kane reference and roll their eyes, but I’m on board with Zemeckis. Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies, and I am a big fan of the sequels as well, so in my mind there really isn’t any reason to subject the franchise or its fan base to a fourth installment.