What I Watched, What You Watched #302

On the movie front I saw Magic Mike XXL on Thursday. And then, last night, a friend of mine and I, who are on the road in Spokane checking out the 3-on-3 basketball, watched Alien vs. Predator and First Blood before the day in the sun had me passing out. I’ll say this, it’s not bad watching a bad movie with a friend, but Alien vs. Predator is still a stunningly stupid movie.

This week I have Self/less and Terminator Genisys on Monday and then I might check out Amy and Testament of Youth should my schedule work out for both. Amy is over two hours long and as much as I’ve heard it’s pretty good I’m not sure I feel the need to spend two hours with Amy Winehouse in the theater rather than just wait and catch it at home later this year.

Your turn, what did you watch?