‘Ted 2’ Featurette Bears Resemblance to Footage We’ve Already Seen

Ted 2 featurette

Photo: Universal Pictures

I don’t get to see Ted 2 until tonight, and there’s little knowing how this comedy sequel will shake up Seth MacFarlane‘s directorial filmography. I may be in the minority here on the site, but I enjoyed the first Ted just fine. It wasn’t without its rough patches, but it had a good heart buried underneath its dirty cotton, an earnest passion behind it and fine chemistry between the leads to help it go down smooth enough. And I did get some laughs here and there. Hey, comedy’s subjective. What can you do?

A Million Ways to Die in the West didn’t inspire much confidence, though, and it played more in line with what I expected from the newbie filmmaker in the first place. So with that in mind — and giving the nature of comedy sequels — Ted 2‘s prospects look a little more grim. The the original’s good will to get butts in seats isn’t inspiring confidence.

So in similar fashion, Universal released a new featurette for the movie to let audiences know what they can expect from the raunchy comedy continuation this weekend, and it’s basically what you’ve seen before. Though I only skimmed through the featurette, on account of I’m just hours away from my screening, all I’m really seeing here — for the most part — is the same footage that’s been on loop in the multiple trailers and TV spots shown for the movie.

Hopefully this is the studio trying to save the good stuff for the movie, because what’s shown here isn’t great but isn’t really funny enough to convince me this is going to be completely worth my while. But hey, I didn’t think too much of the trailers for the first movie, and that ended up suiting my fancy.

So I’ll go in with an open-mind. Either way, it would seem like people are going to show up in droves to see this one once they’re done seeing Jurassic World for the fifth time, so Universal must be doing something or another right.

Here’s the featurette: