Rumor: Wolverine Sequel to be Based on ‘Old Man Logan’?

Old Wolverine 3

Photo: Marvel

It’s not controversial to say the Wolverine films have been hit and miss. The first movie (and first attempt at an X-Men solo outing), X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is regarded, not only as a bad Wolverine film, but as the worst X-Men related film in general (you lucked out X-Men: The Last Stand). However, 2013’s The Wolverine, saw a great leap in quality, in spite of a terrible last act. So when Hugh Jackman and company announced the next Wolverine sequel, which happens to be the last X-Men film featuring the beloved actor, I was hoping this time they’d actually get it right. If rumors are true, we might be in for a treat.

[amz asin=”0785131728″ size=”small”]According to the Umberto Gonzalez’s (of Heroic Hollywood fame) appearance on Popcorn Talk, the next and presumably final Wolverine film could be based on the comic series “Old Man Logan.” Of course, Gonzalez stresses these are rumblings he’s heard and nothing is confirmed, but if true, this has the potential to be an amazing movie.

“Old Man Logan” tells the story of an older Wolverine (shockingly) in a future where the villains have won. Wolverine is retired and living with his family. Of course, this doesn’t last long when he’s approached to do one last job for a friend. When I described the series to friends, I would always say imagine Clint Eastwood playing Wolverine in a classic Western. The storyline from writer Mark Millar and Steve McNiven was a massive success for Marvel and recently has spawned a sequel. The idea of seeing Jackman end his run in a film that has the character in the twilight of his life sounds perfect.

Now, unfortunately, “Old Man Logan” is a story that would require massive tweaks. The comics aren’t handcuffed the same way the movies are, and that’s evident when you see “Old Man Logan” features characters Fox just doesn’t have the rights to. Classic Avengers, Spider-Man villains, and others populate a story that relies heavily on the fact Wolverine exists in the larger Marvel Universe. Can the story be altered and still hold the essence of the story? Sure, but it’ll definitely be a challenge.

Fox has a history of disappointing me, but I’m cautiously optimistic with this news. I didn’t think they’d go this route with the sequel, but now that it’s being rumored, I honestly can’t see another way to go. At least I know, no matter what, it can’t get any worse than X-Men Origins.

The Wolverine 2 (probably not the final title) will be released March 3, 2017.