Paul Thomas Anderson May Join Quentin Tarantino in the 70mm Club

Paul Thomas Anderson 65mm

With Quentin Tarantino making concrete efforts to The Hateful Eight, it looks as though he has a firm supporter in his endeavors. Recent reports speculate writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson is gearing up to hopefully present his latest project in 70mm as well.

Details are sparse as to what the film could be, but apparently at the 2015 Cine Gear Expo where Tarantino presented his footage in Panavision, an audience member asked if any other filmmakers were interested in the format. Dan Sasaki, Panavision’s VP of Optical Engineering, mentioned Anderson’s name and that he’s seen the footage and was “strongly considering the same format for his next project.”

Now, this of course is no confirmation of him using the extended aspect ratio on his new movie, whatever that may be. But, as the original report from Cigarettes & Red Vines is quick to note, Saski was the man who played a key role in Anderson’s decision to shoot The Master on 65mm (and presented in only a few theaters in 70mm). So his opinion certainly has an effect on the filmmaker’s decisions.

As a huge fan of The Master, my biggest regret with the movie is not getting the chance to see it on the large format Anderson intended his audience to see it. Hopefully Tarantino’s efforts change this, and I’ll get to see the movie the way both Tarantino, Anderson and other filmmakers intend their movies to be seen. Fingers crossed.

In addition to returning to this news, The Playlist says Anderson may also return to work with Annapurna, who distributed and produced the film alongside The Weinstein Company.