Elisha Cuthbert Skates Her Way Into Jay Baruchel’s ‘Goon 2’

Joining them inside the ice rink, however, is Elisha Cuthbert. The “24” and Girl Next Door star joins the movie to play Pill’s outlandish sister. Pill plays Eva, the love interest to rising hockey star Doug “The Thug” Glatt (Scott). This new movie finds Doug and his team, Halifax Highlanders, working with a variety of new players during a pro lockout. So it looks like Cutherbert isn’t the only newbie in the Goon universe, and with production to begin on June 21 in Toronto under producers David Gross, Jesse Shapira and Jeff Arkuss, expect to hear more casting updates in the weeks to come.

As it was announced last month, Baruchel not only returns to star and write this new Goon movie but also makes it his directorial debut. While Evan Goldberg, who co-wrote the original with Baruchel, isn’t putting his pen on this new movie, Jesse Chabot filled in for him on the sequel’s screenplay.

While the first was charming if slight, it’s hard to imagine how Baruchel and his team will produce the same mix in this new movie, especially with how bad comedy sequels have been of late. But with my new-found appreciation for Baruchel thanks to his amazing new FXX series “Man Seeking Woman,” I wish him only the best.

This is not the first time Cuthbert and Scott acted together, as they were both briefly seen together earlier this year in Courteney Cox‘s Just Before I Go. But having just seen that movie late last week, I would strongly, strongly advise you don’t see it. It’s a very firm contender for my worst movie of 2015. True, I haven’t made time in my schedule book to check off Fifty Shades of Grey, Paul Blart 2 or Drunk Wedding, but please heed my warning on this one. It’s a nasty, shockingly misguided movie. But anyway, thanks for letting me vent about that. She also recently starred in NBC’s cancelled sitcom “One Big Happy,” which apparently was also awful. But that one I didn’t watch. [THR]