Listen to Michael Giacchino’s Full ‘Jurassic World’ Score

Jurassic World score

I’ll be seeing Jurassic World this evening in full-blown IMAX and last night I even reacquainted myself with the world Steven Spielberg created in 1992 be re-watching Jurassic Park and memories of not necessarily loving the movie came back as much as loving John Williams‘ score. Will the same be said of Michael Giacchino‘s score for the new film?

Giacchino, to me, is a composer that creates some excellent work for animated features, but with his live-action movies there always seems to be a touch of “make it sound like _______” and he frequently does an good job, it wasn’t until Tomorrowland this year that I sort of sat there thinking, This really just sounds like a John Williams rip-off.

You can listen to Giacchino’s full score for Jurassic World directly below courtesy of Spotify (via The Playlist), let me know what you think.