What I Watched, What You Watched #299


mad-max-fury-roadIt probably doesn’t seem like much to most people, but I started this week off with three movies from Monday-Wednesday, beginning with Insidious: Chapter 3. As much as this may seem like a dream job, three movies three nights in a row on top of your normal work day, not to mention I need to get to each of those 45 minutes in advance and my drive to Spy, which normally takes me about 12 minutes or so took me an hour (this time of year I normally walk, but I couldn’t this time for a variety of reasons), makes for what suddenly becomes a 12-13 hour work day. After all, would any of you pay to see those three movies back-to-back-to-back?

However, offering an example of the difference between going to see a movie for work purposes and going to see a movie for pleasure, I ended my work week on Friday with my third viewing of Mad Max: Fury Road, this time at out local Seattle Cinerama in Dolby Atmos and it couldn’t have been any better. It also sounds like my Cinerama project will finally be able to be completed this Fall as it got stalled as a result of nothing playing at the Cinerama on film. However, I did get a little insight into one more example of why I love this theater.

The last month or so has seen them playing Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tomorrowland and now Mad Max: Fury Road. Tomorrowland was the only one of the three they screened in 3D as their policy is to only screen movies in 3D if they were shot in 3D. And remember, this is a theater with two, state of the art Christie 6P laser projectors. They offer the best 3D image you’re going to find and they won’t even show a 3D movie unless those projectors are going to be displaying a proper 3D image.

I also finished reading “Dr. No” and just started reading a book called “Bird Box” to offer a brief break between Ian Fleming novels. Now, it’s your turn, what did you watch, read, whatever?