Watch: The Making of the ‘Game of Thrones’ “Massacre at Hardhome”

Nights King

The Night’s King

Photo: HBO

White Walkers, wights, giants, and a cast of hundreds were brought to the small screen this past Sunday thanks to a massive effort on the part of the “Game of Thrones” creators and crew. The final fifteen minutes of the eighth episode of season five have been (almost) universally praised for packing in a significant amount of action and raising the stakes on a slowly paced season.

HBO has released a new video that details the behind the scenes process and the coordination it took to deliver on this scene. The melding of the practical and CG effects created for this scene rivals anything being done for major Hollywood blockbusters. Deep looks into the production of “Game of Thrones” are always amazing and remind viewers of the epic scope of what it takes to bring this show alive for ten weeks a year.

Give the video below a watch and relive the chaos all over again.