Michael Bay to Direct Paramount’s Sci-Fi Adaptation ‘Time Salvager’

Time Salvager Michael Bay

Michael Bay‘s currently hard-at-work on his passion project, the Benghazi drama 13 Hours, and while it would seem he’d jump onto Transformers 5 or possibly even Bad Boys III afterwards, it looks as though he’ll spend his time otherwise. He signed on to direct the sci-fi film Time Salvager, an adaptation of Wesley Chu novel of the same name, for Paramount.

[amz asin=”0765377187″ size=”small”]The book, to come on the shelf on July 7, focuses on a future where humans abandons Earth to colonize stars, and centers on James Griffin-Mars, a convicted criminal sent on some time-traveling missions to delay humanity’s demise. In his efforts, he meets Elise Kim, a scientist from a previous century and whose fate is to die during an ocean rig’s destruction. James tries to save this woman from her demise, but in doing so leads both down a dangerous path.

Bay’s trusted producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian also come abroad this new movie. The news of Bay’s involvement in the film was first revealed on Chu’s personal blog, although his post was quickly deleted after a Paramount executive likely told him to take it down. He noted Bay’s enthusiasm for Time Salvager is “nothing short of astounding” and the process to option the book, which would usually take months or years, went by in a matter of weeks.

When Bay hopes to gear production on this is unclear, and it’s possible he’ll squeeze in Transformers 5 before he really gets moving on this new movie. Of late, it looks as though the director’s been playing the one-for-you, one-for-me game with Paramount. He’ll make one passion project (Pain & Gain) then jump into the film the studio wants (Transformers: Age of Extinction) before he goes back to the movie he wants to make (13 Hours) then directs something which makes the studio heads extra happy. Sure, the director said he wanted to go towards “The Wrap]

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