Two Female Writers Enter ‘Transformers’ Writing Room

Transformers writers

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Akiva Goldsman just removed the “No Girls Allowed” sign in front of his Transformers writing room’s tree house. Christina Hodson and Lindsay Beer now join the milking this cash cow and also write whatever features come from these discussions.

Hodson and Beer aid Goldsman efforts Ant-Man) and “Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman. But if Beer and Hodson’s names don’t sound familiar, it’s because the projects they penned are still in the works.

Hodson was recently hired by Warner Bros. to pen the new Shut In which stars Naomi Watts and just wrapped production. She also wrote Unforgettable and has a pilot with FX in development.

Beer, meanwhile, works primarily in comedy and fantasy drama, but her pen is dipped in everything from Disney‘s live-action family adventure Dig to the raunchy genre-bending comedy How to Nail An Alien. She also touched up the Weinstein Company‘s Short Circuit remake, wrote Electric and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and currently works on a re-imagined Wizard of Oz for Warner Bros. She’s also the daughter of Sundance co-founder Gary Beer, and apparently studied neuroscience and the intersection of technology and society at Standford. So whatever Transformers movie she works on has that going for it.

Before any of their new Transformers movies can make it onto the screen, Transformers 5 remains the number-one priority. They’ll try to have this written and ready to go for potentially returning director Michael Bay, whose now hard at work on his passion project, the Benghazi drama 13 Hours. [Deadline]