The Grand Overlook Hotel


The Grand Overlook Hotel

Yes, another day and another Internet video involving Stanley Kubrick. Hell, another video playing up, and spoofing, the themes and visuals of Wes Anderson for that matter, but YouTuber Steve Ramsden has done one hell of a job mashing the two together as he’s taken Kubrick’s The Shining and Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and created The Grand Overlook Hotel and, well, it actually says just as much if not more about Kubrick and Anderson than any one of the video essays created over the years.

It speaks largely to the use of camera movement utilized by the two directors, the center framing and the tone of these two films. Both defy genre, one a mind-bending horror that utilizes plenty of dark comedy, the other a dark comedy that utilizes moments of horror, though mostly for comedic effect.

Ramsden not only played with the aspect ratio of The Shining, but has also done some color correction, turning in a more professional spoof video than most often seen online as the Grand Budapest and Overlook hotels become one. Enjoy!

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