Sci-Fi Proof of Concept Short ‘The Leviathan’ Finds Support from Neill Blomkamp and Simon Kinberg


Leviathan short film
Photo: Ruairi Robinson

Ruairi Robinson has been a name known by online movie blog readers for some time beginning with his 2011 short Blinky about a killer robot (watch it here), which didn’t exactly blow the doors off, but didn’t close them either. Now he’s back with another short film, this one serving as a proof of concept with hopes to turn it into a feature film and it has definitely found support, both from online viewers and now from a couple of high profile supporters.

Premiering just under a week ago, Robinson’s The Leviathan tease (watch it below) has generated millions of views on Vimeo and YouTube. Set in the 22nd Century, the “Moby Dick”-inspired story finds mankind has colonized many worlds as the ability to travel at the speed of light is now a reality thanks to the harvesting of exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species ever seen. Robinson’s teaser gives a glimpse at this species and an idea where this story will likely go.

Deadline reports, coming aboard to produce are Simon Kinberg (Cinderella, X-Men: Days of Future Past) and Neill Blomkamp (Chappie) to serve as producers. The thought here is that with Kinberg’s first-look deal at 20th Century Fox this one could have a come there, or, if they pass, it is believed others will be lining up quickly.

Watch the 3.5 minute short below and see what you think.

[vimeo id=”122368314″ width=”640″]