New ‘Terminator Genisys’ Pictures via Empire’s New Cover Shoot


Terminator Genisys picture
Photo: Paramount Pictures

Paramount is doing something rather odd with their selection of photos issued to promote Terminator Genisys. We got those oddly staged and awful pictures in the pages of Entertainment Weekly and now Empire (via Coming Soon) has a few pics that look just as staged along with a few behind-the-scenes images.

Just look at that picture above. Is that supposed to get fans excited for the movie? It looks like exactly what it is, a prop set up behind the wheel of a stationary vehicle. Those Subaru commercials featuring the dogs driving are more electric than that picture. Just below is another staged photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Emilia Clarke photo looks similarly uninteresting.

There are a couple shots that look like they may actually be from the film, including one of J.K. Simmons, but it’s just odd Paramount has chosen to represent the film with these pictures. It would seem to give the wrong impression of what they have, but I guess we’ll find out more on July 1 when it finally arrives in theaters.