Dan Stevens and Luke Evans to Join Emma Watson in Live-Action ‘Beauty and the Beast’


guest-poster-featI am still trying to figure out my thoughts on this new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, the latest in the line of live-action versions of classic Disney films. I do love that 1991 Best Picture nominee, as it is probably my favorite animated film of all time, and I do not want to see it tampered with. However, the musical fan in me is okay with revivals, so why should this not get another go? They have already brought on their Belle in Emma Watson. Now they need to bring on the Beast and Gaston, and the two men they’ve chosen have a strange thing in common: their last names are just plural first names.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Stevens (The Guest) will take on the titular Beast role, and The Hobbit‘s Luke Evans will play the pompous and villainous Gaston (via Variety).

Even though I have not been a fan of Luke Evans before (I blame that mainly on the roles he’s been handed), his casting has me more interested in the film than Stevens. I’ve only seen Stevens in The Guest (and The Fifth Estate, but I don’t remember him in it), so my knowledge of what he can do as an actor is limited, and whether or not he can sing is totally unknown to me. Evans, on the other hand, has got some pipes on him, which was refreshing to find out. So, that has me a bit more interested in the film.

Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall, and Matt Lucas are rumored for parts as well, but nothing has been confirmed on that front.

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