Plot Revealed for Woody Allen’s Latest Film Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone


SleeperI really love how Woody Allen tries to keep as much as he can secret about the films he makes. I love going into his films not knowing what to expect, even if a lot of the time the film is not spectacular. Well, the American Film Market is happening at the moment, which is basically a place where people try to sell their films. Allen’s latest, starring Joaquin Phoenix and his Magic in the Moonlight star Emma Stone, is one film being shopped around.

Due to it being out in the public, we have gotten some information on what the film is about, and for all the people out there who hate Allen for his personal life, this will not turn you around on him. The film centers on an angsty philosophy professor who has an affair with one of his students. You see why this will not do him any favors with the people who hate him?

I, on the other hand, do not really care about a filmmaker’s personal life. I think it is wise to separate art from artist. Allen has made some of my favorite films of all time, and nothing will be able to take that away from me. He still has shown in recent years he still has a lot of good stories to tell, and I look forward to every single one of them. I totally understand if you are someone unwilling to look past the rumors, but if you can, you could be experiencing some really great films.

The film has still not officially been picked up for distribution, though Sony Pictures Classics is reportedly release his next four.

Original report from Screen Daily.

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