Frankenweenie Coming in 3D Black and White?


Despite still being hard at work on Alice in Wonderland, it would appear that Tim Burton is in talks with his collaborators about his next project, a feature-length, stop-motion version of his 1984 short, Frankenweenie. recently spoke with Allison Abbate, the producer behind the forthcoming Wes Anderson film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, as well as Burton’s previous stop-motion film The Corpse Bride. During our conversation, she gave us a bit more information how Frankenweenie is shaping up.

According to Abbate, it is possible that the film could well be in black and white, as well as in 3D. Certainly neither option has been ruled out, giving the slimmest of hopes that the film will look like some sort of ’50s B-movie.

She did, however, confirm that the film will take around two years to complete, and will be shot in London. This isn’t really a surprise, as her previous films, The Corpse Bride and Fantastic Mr. Fox were both shot at Three Mills Studios in the city’s ‘east end.’