At 169 Minutes, Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ is His Longest Yet


Interstellar running time
Photo: Paramount Pictures

When The Film Stage tweeted out that Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar will run 169 minutes long I sat and thought about it for a minute, wondering if there was anything to say. I’m still not sure there is as I don’t think we can presume much about it one way or another knowing as little as we do, but seeing how I wasted a few minutes on it I figured you may want to share some thoughts of your own in the comments.

Last night I walked into The Equalizer knowing it was over two hours long and in instances such as that I think it’s entirely fair to say to yourself “Well, that seems too long” and in the end that’s exactly what it was. Nolan’s film, however, doesn’t have the appearance of fitting so nicely into a genre box and we have no real idea what kind of territory it’s looking to explore.

Interstellar will run four minutes longer than Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises and I have to admit, that’s a daunting length, just as daunting as it was to learn Richard Linklater‘s Boyhood ran 165 minutes long, but we all know how that turned out.

That said, one of the complaints I’ve been hearing from a few people lately, in reference to Nolan’s films, has to do with the amount of exposition he leaves in. Given this is a science-based feature might we experience a film where every little detail is explained? It’s all speculation for now, but there is one person that appears to have seen it and I’m pretty sure his opinion will excite a lot of you…

Oh, and here are a few new pictures from it courtesy of ComicBookMovie.







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