Sylvester Stallone On His Rivalry with Schwarzenegger: “Hate is a Good Word”


Sylvester Stallone On His Rivalry with Schwarzenegger
Photo: The Tonight Show

Sylvester Stallone was on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon to promote The Expendables 3 and on top of talking about auditioning for Star Wars to play the role of Han Solo — “guys in space don’t have this kind of face” — he also discusses his years-long rivalry with Arnold Schwarzenegger when the two were competing to be the most popular on screen tough guy.

Fallon starts the conversation saying, “I read you guys hated each other,” to which Stallone responds, “Well, we were very competitive — yeah, I think ‘hate’ is a good word… It is, come on, did you ever hate somebody so much you go, ‘I got to get to the gym… I hate this guy, I’m gonna blow him away in the next audition’.” So clearly it was a competitive hatred and not a personal one, but he admits that as much as he respects him and his career he adds, “I wanted to strangle him.”

Check out the full appearance below and you can read my review of Expendables 3 here.

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