First Look Pictures of ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Stormtroopers


star-wars-episode-viiUPDATE: Added a second picture at the bottom of this post.

It’s a new era where images studios would rather you not see can be shared not only on websites such as this one, but on Twitter, where the studios have no official contact and can’t send a polite email to tell you to “URGENT! TAKE DOWN THAT PICTURE! IT’S NOT OFFICIAL!” I’m not sure if Disney was necessarily prepared for the amount of leaked photos that would hit the Internet once Star Wars: Episode VII went into production, but it seems we are about to start seeing more of them.

Just below is a tweet from 501st Legion featuring images of what seem to be actual looks at the new Stormtrooper designs for the upcoming film, first released by IndieRevolver and who knows how they obtained them and I wonder if the studio has any control over Twitter. Can they ask the social media site to remove images from people’s Twitter feeds if they are deemed to be copyrighted material?

Nevertheless, the disposable minions of the Empire are getting an upgrade… what do you think?