Is Danny Trejo in Predators ?


The guys from the Punch Drunk Critics blog were at Horrorfind Weekend in Hunt Valley, Maryland this weekend, and they got a few minutes with actor Danny Trejo to try their best to get any new information out of him in regards to his next movie Machete. For whatever reason, they asked him about Sin City 2 and basically got a stock answer before Trejo revealed that “we’re doing Predators next,” which makes one assume Trejo will be appearing in Robert Rodriguz’s Predators, the Rodriguez-produced relaunch to be directed by Nimrod Antal (Vacancy).

Of course, this is not anything too groundbreaking since Trejo has appeared in just about every movie Rodriguez has been involved with going back to El Mariachi, but it does confirm that they’re moving forward with the casting on the movie and possibly already have Trejo’s ubiquitous role sussed out.

You can watch their video interview below and decide for yourself:

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