‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot Rumor Shot Down by Producer


Indiana Jones rumorsSee, this is what I get for reporting on rumors. Not that I don’t believe Disney is looking to reinvigorate the Indiana Jones franchise and not that I don’t believe Bradley Cooper report on a rumor you are more-or-less required to report on the inevitable shooting down or confirmation of that rumor.

In this instance, we have Frank Marshall, producer of all four Indiana Jones movies, taking to Twitter to call the Cooper/reboot rumor “ridiculous”.

Of course, the rumor very well could have been sparked by an agent wanting to make sure their client’s name was associated with such a high profile role, but LatinoReview.com’s Umberto González makes a valid point when he says, also on Twitter, “You really believe that Disney bought the Indy franchise so that it begins & ends with Ford?”

LatinoReview’s early rumor was quite clear this wasn’t a done deal and just something Disney was considering, but you now have two lines drawn in the sand, which side are you stepping on or do you even care at this point?

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