2014 Oscar Predictions: A Quickie Best Picture Update


2014-oscar-predictions-best-pictureI’ve been updating my 2014 Oscar predictions here and there without making a big deal about it as of late (including finally opening the doors on the Best Documentary category) and among the changes, today I made a slight shuffle in the Best Picture category.

As far as I see it, nothing has changed at the top for some time as it seems as if the race is largely down to just 12 Years a Slave vs. American Hustle while Gravity is poised to play a possible spoiler as it is likely to be the night’s biggest winner, largely in tech categories.

The biggest question left is to wonder how many nominees will there be? Will The Wolf of Wall Street make the cut? Will Inside Llewyn Davis? Just how much traction has Dallas Buyers Club gained as of late?

You can find all of my predictions right here and I’ve included my predicted nine Best Picture nominees directly below.

  1. 12 Years a Slave
  2. American Hustle
  3. Gravity
  4. Nebraska
  5. Captain Phillips
  6. Her
  7. Saving Mr. Banks
  8. Inside Llewyn Davis
  9. The Wolf of Wall Street

Once again, final ballots are due today at 5 PM PST and the nominations will be announced next Thursday, January 16th.

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