Exclusive: Hudgens Throwing the Fans a SuckerPunch ?


Having directed three movies based on existing properties–whether it’s the remake of Dawn of the Dead or the adaptation of two graphic novel–filmmaker Zack Snyder is getting a lot of interest for his next live action project SuckerPunch, being that it’s his first movie based on an original idea of his own. It’s also his first movie featuring a predominantly female ensemble cast, and even more interest comes from his casting of Vanessa Hudgens, the co-star of Disney’s kid-friendly “High School Musical” franchise, in a true tough girl gun-wielding role.

Up until then, Hudgens’ choices have generally been suitable for her teen and younger fans, as is the case with Summit’s upcoming Bandslam and the CBS Films adaptation of the teen fantasy novel, Beastly.

ComingSoon.net had a chance to catch up with Hudgens a couple weeks back and she talked briefly about the role and her excitement on working with Snyder. “I start that right after this. I go straight into training and I’m extremely excited,” she told us. “It’s an ensemble piece and I play the character of Blondie. It’s just a bunch of strong women.”

“I’m a big fan of Zack’s and I’ve heard him say that this is going to be his first action film, so I’m kind of freaked out,” she continued and on hearing that, we wondered whether Snyder was forgetting that his biggest movie to date, 300, was essentially considered an action movie. “Exactly, that’s what I said!” Hudgens exclaimed.

When asked whether she’s looking forward to being seen by a whole new audience that might not necessarily be familiar with her work in “High School Musical,” Hudgens agreed. “The kids aren’t going to be able to watch ‘SuckerPunch,’ that’s for sure, but I’m excited. I feel like I’m hopefully going to be able to branch out and reach out to some new people.”

Sucker Punch! is scheduled for release on March 25, 2011. Look for more from our interview with Hudgens sometime soon.