SDCC: The Box Panel


Continuing the showcase of upcoming films at the Warner Bros. panel, director Richard Kelly joined stars Cameron Diaz and James Marsden to show off new footage from The Box.

We begin with a title card, telling us that the film is set in 1976. Cameron Diaz is a southern housewife and she gets a knock on the door. Standing outside is Frank Langella, dressed in a suit and hat. He’s turned, facing his left and, when he looks at her, reveals that the left side of his face is horribly scarred.

Inside the house, Langella’s character explains the rules of the box: If she presses the button, a person she doesn’t know will die and she’ll receive a million dollars. He also gives her $100 bill just for listening to his story.

The scene cuts to Diaz and Marsden, trying to decide what to do when she suddenly slams her hands down on the button.

From the there, the footage becomes more trailer-like, flashing lots of quick shots. There are people coming after both Marsden and Diaz and Langella explaining that all actions have consequences.

There’s a strange room with cuboid pillars made of water that float straight up from the center of a marble room.

Diaz is asking if she can be forgiven and Langella is saying that he doesn’t know. Marsden has a shot where someone is demanding to know who pressed the button and he turns the blame to Diaz.

There’s also a shot that has Marsden leaning into one of the water pillars and suddenly appearing, floating above Diaz’s bed, crashing down with lots of water following.

The title comes up with the words arranged on either sides of the words “The Box”.

The film is set to open October 30th.