What are Your Thoughts on Celebrity Political Endorsements?


Mitt Romney and Barack ObamaFrom Lena Dunham (“Girls”, Tiny Furniture) to Joss Whedon (The Avengers) to Clint Eastwood, celebrities are stumping for their choice in the 2012 Election. Do their views have an effect on you politically or personally? Do you look at them differently when you see them in character?

Yes, this is a movie site, but at this moment in time the 2012 Election has all of our attention. I will admit, however, this year’s election doesn’t have as much of my attention as 2008’s, where I was watching so much coverage that I was able to write an article casting a potential movie covering the entirety of the election.

Nope, this year things have been far quieter politically in my household, but it still hasn’t escaped my attention that movie and television stars and their directors are out there stumping for politicians. Personally, it’s a little hard to ignore and considering these are stars you’re going to see on the big and small screen I think it does have some sort of an effect on how we view them.

With the November 6 Election Day just around the corner more and more ads are starting to make their way around the Internet with the recent ad from Lena Dunham creating a firestorm on the right as she made a video essentially comparing voting to losing her virginity. Following the reactions, she had her own reply on Twitter that went like this:

And now, Joss Whedon has made his own video, equating a Mitt Romney presidency to that of a “Nightmare Zombie Wasteland”.

Yes, of the celebrity endorsements you will find most of them on the side of Barack Obama with Clint Eastwood being the most vocal celebrity for Romney. I wonder, does that make a difference? Does Eastwood’s endorsement of Romney and Whedon’s endorsement of Obama change your impression of either man? Do their endorsements effect you in any way? Good or bad?

I’ve included a selection of videos and added them below, give however many you prefer a look and I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Joss Whedon suggests Mitt Romney will bring on a “Nightmare Zombie Wasteland”.

Lena Dunham equates voting to losing your virginity.

Clint Eastwood created an ad for Mitt Romney.

Rashida Jones and Jesse Tyler Ferguson promote the Barrack Obama App.

Kevin Hart (Think Like a Man) creates his own PSA for Obama.

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