What I Learned Listening to David Fincher’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Commentary


Homages and Inspirations

'Dracula Drive' in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
‘Dracula Drive’ in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Photo: Columbia Pictures

“One of my favorite books growing up was ‘Dracula,’ and I always loved Harker’s trip to meet Dracula for the first time and there was something about this environment, especially when it was covered in this layer of powdered sugar, that just seemed so unbelievably sinister.” – David Fincher

'War Paint' look was inspired by Daryl Hannah's makeup in Blade Runner
Lisbeth’s ‘War Paint’ look was inspired by Daryl Hannah’s makeup in Blade Runner
Photo: Warner Bros. / Columbia Pictures
'X-ray Teeth' on helmet were an homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas
‘X-ray Teeth’ on helmet were an homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas
Photo: Columbia Pictures / Walt Disney Pictures
Castle on the hill
Castle on the hill
Photo: Columbia Pictures

“Again, going back to ‘Dracula’, I’ve never done the ‘castle on the hill’ shot before, but it’s fun to reference it every once in a while”

~ David Fincher
'You're not a doctor'
‘You’re not a doctor’
Photo: Columbia Pictures

During the scene you see above Fincher explains how the dialogue was inspired by something his daughter used to say to him.

“This is something that when my daughter was very young,” Fincher begins. “I used to try to ‘playfully’ crack her back and she would say to me, ‘No, daddy, you’re not a doctor.’ So I thought this would be a nice moment when [Lisbeth] comes at him with dental floss and a needle and he says, ‘Hey, remember you’re not a doctor.'”

David Bowie's 'Jazzin' for Blue Jean' makeup inspired this look
David Bowie’s ‘Jazzin’ for Blue Jean’ makeup inspired this look
Photo: Columbia Pictures

David Bowie’s “Jazzin’ for Blue Jean” inspired the shadows on Lisbeth’s face in the above scene where shadows were painted onto her face similar to how they were in the video. Makeup artist Pat McGrath came up with the look and makeup artist Torsten Witte eventually did the final work you see above based on McGrath’s lead.

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