Jean Dujardin Auditions for Villain Role in ‘Skyfall,’ ‘Mission: Impossible 5,’ ‘Die Hard 5’ and More


Jean Dujardin Funny or DieThis video is amazing! Funny or Die, always spot on with the trends in Hollywood explores yet another one, pointing out how international stars hit the worldwide stage and are then promptly cast in villain roles in major Hollywood features. Christoph Waltz and Javier Bardem are the two examples used in the following video as The Artist star Jean Dujardin audiences for the villain roles in films such as Skyfall, Mission: Impossible 5, Die Hard 5 and even sequels to Jack and Jill and Bridesmaids.

I hadn’t even watched the whole thing when he blurts out the line, “Not so fast Ethan Hunt… Looks like this mission… is impossible,” and I had to share it immediately. I’ve watched the rest since and it is well worth the three minutes. Not many of these videos actually make me laugh out loud, this one did…

If anything, this may be enough to prompt you to check out Dujardin in the OSS 117 films, which are both available on NetFlix Instant.

“Ha ha ha, it appears you have bought your last zoo!” Okay… go watch…

On a side note, the “Lights, camera, action!” at the opening of the video comes from Jean-Luc Godard’s Une Femme est une Femme.

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