What I Watched, What You Watched: Installment #120


It has been a busy week for me, one interview on Monday, four movies in theaters over the course of the week, another one in about two hours as I head off to see Arthur Christmas and it’s not going to let up tomorrow when I finally see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Hugo, the latter of which I could have seen today had my schedule not already been booked. Ahhh, the awards season coupled with getting things seen before Thanksgiving… It’s one hell of a busy time of year…

Beginners (2011)

Beginners poster
I think watching this film at home caused for a slight loss in the intimacy I felt with it in the theater. The casual nature of watching a movie at home doesn’t necessitate your 100% full attention and the fact I had seen it before certainly played a role. The thing is, the story here isn’t as imperative as the personal journey, it’s the connection with the characters and I felt I lost a little of that. I blame myself, although I still enjoyed Beginners the second time around quite a bit.

Also, Christopher Plummer still stands out and I have no problem keeping him at the top of my Best Supporting Actor predictions. As of right now I haven’t seen a performance this year that beats him.

And so that does it for me, what did you watch this week?