This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: November 15, 2011


In this week’s “Even More” section there is a link to a Tom Cruise Blu-ray Collection, which includes Collateral, Days of Thunder, Minority Report, Top Gun and War of the Worlds for only $34.99. It’s a good price and worth a look either for you or perhaps as a Christmas present for someone else. However, until November 17 you can buy it at Fry’s for only $19.99! Get on it!

Also, I have two Criterion titles I’m recommending this week, but instead of using the Buy Now links next to each you may want to head over to Barnes and Noble where their 50% off sale is still on for I believe another week. Unless I am mistaken it ends on November 21. So, get to shopping!

Three Colors Trilogy (Criterion Collection)
I received Criterion’s Blu-ray edition of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Troi couleurs (Three Colors) trilogy only a few days ago and have only had the opportunity to sneak it into the player briefly to see how it looked and enjoy the always impressive Criterion packaging. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to devour it yet. However, that isn’t going to stop me from recommending it to those that love and appreciate these three films.

I still fully intend to watch it through and review the complete collection, but until then I will point you in the direction of January 2009 after I watched Blue, White and Red for the first time. These are three very good films, Red being my favorites of the bunch and then probably Blue then White if you need an order, but they are hardly three films you buy separately. They must be owned, and watched, together for the full impact of the story to be realized.

Buy Three Colors Trilogy (Criterion Collection)

The Rules of the Game (Criterion Collection)
I finally own the full feature-rich version of yet another one of my Janus Collection singles. I received The Rules of the Game at the same time I received Three Colors and watching one film really quickly was much easier than watching three, so late last night I finished watching Rules of the Game and sneaked in a few features before calling it a day.

The film still holds up as a satirical jab at French high society with several doses of comedy peppered throughout. Of the ensemble cast I find plenty of enjoyment in Julien Carette’s role as Marceau, a bird poacher turned domestic, and I really like director Jean Renoir as Octave. Is it really any suprise, though, that I get my most enjoyment out of the two characters that are probably as far away from the highfalutin characters at the center of the story?

I must also say, the artwork by Edward Sorel on the cover of this new release is simply perfect and some of the best I’ve ever seen from the Collection.

Buy The Rules of the Game (Criterion Collection)

Great film, but then again, if you read my interview with writer/director/star Evan Glodell you already know how I feel about Bellflower.

Buy Bellflower

Beginners is one of the best films of the year so far and one of two films this year to effectively use a Jack Russell Terrier in fun and imaginative ways. But beyond animal tricks, this is also a sweet story of love, loss, life, family and friendships, which is exactly how I opened my review back in June. I still think Christopher Plummer is going to win the Oscar for his performance here if Focus can manage to keep this film in the forefront of Academy voters’ minds. It’s a film I highly recommend.

Buy Beginners

Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis: Special Edition
It’s a struggle to find time to watch everything I need to watch so even though I wanted to request Giorgio Moroder’s rendition of Metropolis I just wouldn’t have had the time to review it. What makes this release interesting is that in 1981, Moroder gave Fritz Lang’s film a new, contemporary score and added a pop music soundtrack featuring songs from the likes of Pat Benatar, Billy Squier, Freddie Mercury, Bonnie Tyler, Adam Ant, Jon Anderson and more. To go along with that, the intertitles were removed and replaced with subtitles, there are now sound effects and color was even added.

This is definitely something I need to see.

Buy Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis: Special Edition

West Side Story (50th Anniversary Edition)
I am just not a big fan of this film, but with its 50th Anniversary upon us I can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing something about it from Warner’s new release, to the Fathom event in theaters and people are talking about it on Twitter. Obviously there are people that like it, though I have also found many eyebrows raised when I ask others if they like it so I’m not alone in feeling a little “meh” on this title. Nevertheless, it looks like this new package has everything a fan could want. So… enjoy.

Buy West Side Story (50th Anniversary Edition)

Larry Crowne
This is not a good film and not a film I would recommend. So, take that for what it’s worth and if you want further explanation into my opinion click here.

Buy Larry Crowne