The Best and Worst Movies of 2011… So Far


I have reviewed 75 films so far this year and I have seen a lot of good ones, a lot of stinkers and a lot that sort of fall into that middle ground where you tend to forget about them. So, as we have now crossed the 2011 midway point I felt it would be best to take a look back and see which ones stood out most for me and remain potential top ten candidates, which ones remain on the fringe and which ones settle down near the bottom.

All of the lists below are in alphabetical order and the links lead to my review of each film. I have included a few comments here and there, however, on some of the films, but for the most part I would love to see what films make your lists for the best and worst of the year so far.

TOP TEN OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS (in alphabetical order)

  • The Adjustment Bureau (I thoroughly enjoy this film. The chemistry between Damon and Blunt is addicting.)
  • Beginners (An excellent film, full of life, energy and love.)
  • Drive (Pretty much guaranteed to be in my top ten, can’t wait to see it again)
  • Hanna (Another near-guarantee unless the second half of the year is stacked with amazing films)
  • Midnight in Paris (Along with Hanna, this is one of two films I’ve seen in theaters twice this year.)
  • We Need to Talk About Kevin (Creepy, artsy, horrific… Another one I’m anxious to see again.)


ADDITIONAL GOOD FILMS (in alphabetical order)

WORST OF THE YEAR SO FAR (in alphabetical order)

Out of the list of films below it is hard to pick one that is the absolute worst, but I’d say Sanctum and Sleeping Beauty are the two that stand out that I would never watch again if the choice had to be made. What will be interesting is trying to figure out which of these ten doesn’t make the final list of “Worst of 2011” after the next six months of movie watching.

Now you tell me, what are your favorite and least favorite films of the year so far?

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