Bello and Nelson Join The Company Men


Variety says that Maria Bello and Craig T. Nelson have joined the cast of writer/director John Wells’ The Company Men.

The drama, starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Affleck, is about the impact that a corporate downsizing has on both its casualties and survivors.

Affleck plays a corporate hotshot whose Porsche and six-figure salary vanish after he gets laid off. Costner plays his brother-in-law, a salt-of-the-earth drywall installer who gives him a construction job.

Jones plays a senior partner in the firm, a principled man who struggles with the greedy actions of his partners.

Bello will play the vice president of human resources, who is forced to fire Affleck’s character. Nelson plays the CEO of the global conglomerate.

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Tuesday: Mar. 31, 2020


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