UPDATE: Is Warner Bros. Hiding Eastwood’s ‘Hereafter’ at TIFF?

Bryce Dallas Howard and Matt Damon in Hereafter
Photo: Warner Bros.

UPDATE: Just got word from Warner Bros. and there is a press screening for Eastwood’s Hereafter on Saturday, Sept. 11. So it looks like I will be having to alter my schedule a bit to accommodate. As for my question in the headline, I guess the answer is “no” but they sure did make it a little difficult to find. Either way, excited to see it.

Just landed in Toronto to begin covering the festival, which begins tomorrow and before I head out to get my registration package I just wanted to share some unfortunate news. Warner Bros. appears to be hiding Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter from me and, I assume, other press heading to the Toronto International Film Festival where it will have it’s world premiere. Based on the current schedule there is only one public screening and I’ve only heard rumbles of a press and industry screening happening on Saturday at 3PM, though it isn’t listed on the official schedule.

My emails to Warner Bros. regarding the film haven’t been answered though questions regarding several screenings of Ben Affleck’s The Town have been relayed and I’ll be seeing it the first day of the fest.

What gives? I made an attempt to get a ticket to the public screening and was denied, though I have heard of at least one press member that was able to secure a ticket.

Is the film so good they want to create a minor stir before its October 22 release? Or is it so bad they are hoping more-forgiving festival goers will simply be so happy to see it in advance they’ll start some positive buzz whereas critics wouldn’t be as forgiving?

It’s a mystery to me, but if you were waiting to hear my opinion don’t hold your breath. It’s the only film at the festival I have been unable to get any additional information on upon request and the only film a door has yet to be opened. Perhaps that will change, but for now I’m in the dark.