‘Narcissus,’ ‘Red Shoes’ and ‘A Town Called Panic’ Top This Week’s DVD and Blu-ray Releases


Black Narcissus (Criterion Collection)
I just wrote up my review of both this and The Red Shoes, both of which are being released today from Criterion on DVD and Blu-ray. In my opinion, Black Narcissus is a must own. This is a great movie and a great way to introduce yourself to the work of Powell, Pressburger and Cardiff. On top of everything there is to discuss about this film from performances, to direction, to camerawork, to color, to visual effects, it’s a film that has it all. You can read my full review right here.
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A Town Called Panic
I almost made this the top pick of the week, but it just wouldn’t have been right and even though I am not one of the most ardent fans of The Red Shoes it still feels wrong to place it above that classic as well. Nevertheless, this is a film you absolutely have to see. I wrote my A- review back at the beginning of the year. Just give it a read and if you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a purchase at least add it to your Netflix Queue. This movie is hilarious.
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The Red Shoes (Criterion Collection)
As I already said, I reviewed this one with Black Narcissus and obviously prefer Narcissus over this recently restored classic. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not able to appreciate quality cinema, which this truly is. But for a more thorough discussion click here.
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The Losers
This is a fun film, but it’s not worth buying. Give it a rent and be done with it. If you’re to buy a film of this nature this year, The A-Team is the one to choose.
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I’ve had a DVD screener of this film for I don’t know how long and still haven’t made the time to watch it. I’ve heard this movie is great and perhaps one of these days I’ll make a point to watch it.
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The Runaways
Meh, people have been saying this is one of Kristen Stewart’s better performances. Well, considering it’s about a rock star it only seems fitting her angsty delivery finally meshed well with a character. You can get my expanded opinion in my C- theatrical review.
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Cop Out
Ha, remember this film? It’s the film that caused Kevin Smith to declare war against film critics all while fully recognizing their existence. Hypocrisy can really bite you in the ass sometimes. This film earned one of my three F reviews of the year. It’s in solid company with Leap Year and Valentine’s Day. It’s a grade that was earned and well deserved.
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