This Weekend at the Movies: May 14, 2010

Robin Hood
'Robin Hood' Movie Poster
You already know my opinion on this one as I posted my review following the Cannes Film Festival screening and called it a “slow, plodding bore.” You can read the full review by clicking here or perhaps head out to the theater and check it out for yourself and come on back and let us know what you thought. I know I wouldn’t let negative reviews stop me from seeing this film. I was really excited to see it and would rather make my own opinion.

This film is rated PG-13 for violence including intense sequences of warfare, and some sexual content.
Just Wright
'Just Wright' Movie Poster
I am half-interested in seeing this movie. It’s an interesting pairing that could possibly generate a little bit of fun. However, I have never seen Common do much more than be a grump in movies other than his brief stairway moment with Alicia Keys in Smokin’ Aces, but I guess spending any time with Alicia would turn any man to butter. I wasn’t in town to see it, perhaps you will?

This film is rated PG for some suggestive material and brief language.
Letters to Juliet
'Letters to Juliet' Movie Poster
I had hopes for this one, but it just didn’t work. It’s repetitive on top of predictable as the story doesn’t do much to inspire entertainment, but as I said in my review, at least it wasn’t as offensive to women as the majority of most rom-coms as of late.

This film is rated PG for brief rude behavior and sensual images, some language and incidental smoking.


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