Have the Details of ‘Buried’ Changed with the Debut of the New Poster?


Lionsgate has just sent over the debut poster for the Ryan Reynolds buried alive thriller aptly named Buried from director Rodrigo Cortes. The film is set to debut in limited theaters on September 24 before expanding nationwide October 8th.

The story centers on Paul Conroy (Reynolds), a truck driver and family man who wakes up 6 feet underground with only a cell phone and a lighter. The film seems to play up the maddening “Can you hear me now?” horror cliche as Paul must deal with poor cell phone reception, a rapidly draining battery, and a dwindling oxygen supply allowing him only 90 minutes to be rescued before he dies.

There has recently been reports of reshoots on the film, and one thing that stands out to me with this new synopsis is what appears to be a change from earlier reports of Reynolds’s character being buried 10 feet underground as opposed to 6 feet. Perhaps the complaints about how he would get cell phone reception underground while I continue to have my calls dropped while driving down the Interstate caused them to mess with the particulars a little.

In his review at Sundance, Slash Film‘s Peter Sciretta mentioned the cell phone plot hole as did many others writing, “Sure, there are a couple logistical holes, like how is he able to use his cell phone under 10 feet or more of dirt when I can’t get my iPhone to work in a Park City over-run with Hollywood execs?” Good question and it looks like it may have been answered.

I don’t know, if done well enough it could be quite good and early reviews out of Sundance were rather positive. We’ll just have to wait and see. For now, here’s the poster and you can click here for a larger look as well as four other images.

Photo: Lionsgate