Eye-Catching Poster from ‘Punch-Drunk Love’


Has anyone ever seen the following poster for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love before?

The Auteurs posted it as part of their “Movie Poster of the Week” series and it just caught my eye as incredibly striking.

The site writes that this Japanese poster is a chirashi, a word derived from the verb “chirasu” — to scatter, disperse. Apparently this is part of a set of nine 7″x10″ promotional handbills created for Punch-Drunk Love by Toho-Towa, the Japanese distributor. The designs are based on the lush colorfield “motion paintings” by Jeremy Blake that punctuate the film and add to its hallucinatory quality (watch the video to the right).

Tragically, Blake took his own life at the age of 35 by walking into the sea at Rockaway Beach. This came following personal set-backs and the 2007 suicide of his partner and fellow artist Theresa Duncan as reported in New York Magazine and Vanity Fair.

Watch the video and then check out the eight other posters in the series at The Auteurs by clicking here.