Who is Looking Forward to ‘Sex and the City 2’? And If You are… Why?

Kim Cattrall delivers the stink eye before taking a handful of anti-aging pills in Sex and the City 2
Photo: New Line Cinema

Movieline is obviously not the target audience for Sex and the City 2 as they have posted not one but two articles slamming the upcoming sequel, first suggesting “50 Things I’d Rather Do Than Watch the New Sex and the City 2 Trailer” and the second is a comical “The Sex and the City 2 Trailer: By The Numbers“.

Jeff Wells also isn’t a fan as he suggests “the four Sex and the City ladies [get] dropped into some ghastly situation and made to suffer over a period of weeks if not months” or an alternative scenario that has them visited by an angel named Clarence to help them save their souls. Of course, all three of these negative sentiments come from men and I am not exactly raising my hand to be first in line for a film that follows four spoiled, alcoholic, nymphomaniac Manhattanites to Abu Dhabi on a vacation where they can make hot flash jokes whilst riding camels in the desert (ha, ha), have affairs and be doted on by the natives. Now you tell me… who is this aimed at?

The first film made over $415 million worldwide, which is to say fans of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are wide spread. Does the beat continue for the sequel even though the first film has a lowly 49% rating at RottenTomatoes and even has a meager 5.4/10 rating at the always forgiving IMDb. I didn’t like the first film and am not looking forward to the sequel, but I had only seen one episode of the show before seeing the first film and am obviously not in the target demo.

Check out the trailer below, is this for you?