Watch Carl Erik Rinsch’s Short ‘The Gift’

Heat Vision reports the following short titled “The Gift,” directed by Carl Erik Rinsch is getting some attention around Hollywood and has sparked a bidding war. The film is part of Phillips’s short film project titled “Parallel Lines” and is centered around a mysterious box said to contain a “unicorn” that inspires a CG-driven chase sequence.

If the name of Rinsch is familiar, it’s because he has received a high level of praise from Ridley and Tony Scott and was once thought to be directing the upcoming Alien prequel, which Ridley is now directing himself.

Check out the short below and see what you think. Any desire to see more of this story and more from Rinsch? Technically I think the film is great and the mystery behind the premise is interesting, but without knowing what we are dealing with I can’t quite say if a Hollywood treatment of the material is necessary.

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