Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Clash of the Titans’ While Worthington Calls It ‘Ridiculous’

Sam Worthington recently told us he thought Eddie Murphy’s performance in The Nutty Professor was his choice for best of the last decade, which either means he only saw The Nutty Professor over the last ten years or he has a solid sense of humor. My guess is the latter as a new interview at Collider talking to the star of the upcoming April 2nd release of The Clash of the Titans referred to the remake as “ridiculous” and said he fell asleep halfway through watching the 1981 original.

“I think this whole movie is pretty ridiculous,” he said, not to slander the film, but to point out he isn’t making the fourth Godfather. “It’s the fun of it. We’re running around with rubber swords and rubber shields with a guy made of wood, jumping out of scorpions covered in goo. I think the whole point of this movie is it’s meant to be fun and bombastic, and to take people… I call it a Saturday morning popcorn movie your Dad would have seen. That’s how I’ve been approaching it. That’s just another thing to keep you reminded about it.”

As for his opinion of the original, he admitted he hadn’t seen it prior to accepting the role of Perseus, the warrior born of a god but raised as a man, saying, “No, I watched it before I started to familiarize myself. I got about halfway through it and nodded off a bit (laughter). I think it’s a bit corny. The messages aren’t kind of relative to now. I think the performances are a bit tame, and they’re stop-motion, which is good. Harryhausen, for what he did and how he did it-I read a book on him-it’s quite incredible, but the only reason… it’s not Casablanca, to be honest. It’s worthy of a remake, especially with the technology we have nowadays to rev it up a bit, to turn it up to 11.”

Must admit, it’s that kind of candor that wins you fans, and as down as I am on the ridiculous idea of converting the film to 3D, I remain excited to see it in all it’s corny glory.

As for the behind-the-scenes featurette promised in the headline, you can check that out directly below. For more on the film, including the RopeofSilicon gallery of 25 pictures and posters from the film, click here.

Thanks for the heads up on the Collider interview goes to The Playlist.


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