This Weekend at the Movies: February 5, 2010

See it. If terror is your passion this one delivers. I wrote a rather lengthy review, which you can read right here if you want further detail. It’s opening in only ten markets this weekend, but be sure to keep it on your radar should it expand or once it hits DVD and Blu-ray.

This film is rated R for some disturbing images and language.
From Paris With Love
This one is simply a lot of fun. Directed by Taken helmer Pierre Morel, From Paris with Love is a slight step up from that film and while it carries an R-rating for a couple of head shot wounds (one, more bloody than the other) and some language, it features a lot of the same fast-paced gun battles you saw in Taken with John Travolta getting a bevvy of solid one-liners.

This film is rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, drug content, pervasive language and brief sexuality.
Dear John
There was no way I was going to see this movie and the 27% rating at RottenTomatoes (0% with the “top critics”) tells me I made the right decision. Anyone out there honestly think this looks good? Any of you being dragged to go see it by your significant other?

This film is rated PG-13 for some sensuality and violence.
The Red Riding Trilogy
Opening in New York this weekend, it’s hitting Los Angeles next Friday and I have been told it will be released here in Seattle on February 26 for only a six-day run. You can read my review of the complete trilogy of films right here, but in short, check out 1974, skip 1980 and if you’re up to it give 1983 a watch.

This film is rated NR
District 13: Ultimatum
It’s a bit odd releasing this film the same weekend as From Paris with Love, especially considering Paris director Pierre Morel directed the original installment of this franchise. The two films, however, could make for a semi-decent double-feature, but in all honesty District 13: Ultimatum just isn’t that good. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the first one, but I had fun with it, and this sequel is just more of the exact same thing from the story on down. Unnecessary is the word I’m looking for here, but if you require more words, my review of this one is right here.

This film is rated R for some violence, language and drug material.


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