10-Minutes Behind the Scenes of ‘Avatar’ and a James Horner Interview


First off, Film Music Mag has posted an audio interview with James Horner, score composer for James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi epic Avatar. In the site’s lede in for the interview they write:

James Horner has visited many musical worlds during over three decades that have made him into one of Hollywood’s top composers. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for his success is how Horner’s boldly emotional sound can place a viewer so effectively in the skin of the characters he scores, from the mystical Indian heritage a cop explores in Thunderheart to the ethereal, exotic jungle a boy grows up in Where the River Runs Black. Or it can be the choral battlefield valor of soldiers charging into Glory, as well as the ferocious jungle danger unlocked when two children play a game of Jumanji.

You can listen to the complete interview or download it to your computer right here.

Next, Hulu has posted a 10-minute Fox Movie Channel behind-the-scenes clip from Avatar taking a look at one particular scene from the film, exploring the process of creating the realistic computer generated characters played by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana by digitally capturing the actor’s performances.

Check out the 9:50 minute feature below.

Avatar hits theaters on December 18, get more information, trailers and pictures from the film right here.