This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: November 24, 2009


Gomorrah (Criterion Collection)
I just published my review of this one and the film certainly holds up to repeat viewings and left an even greater impression on me than it did when I wrote my “B” review last year. The presentation is great and there is a wealth of supplementary material that can be a bit taxing, but, if taken in slowly, will open your eyes even wider. If you are interested check out my review here and you can read the included Chuck Stevens’s essay “Gomorrah: Terminal Beach” available right here.
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Angels and Demons
Nope, wasn’t about to request this one for review. I watched it once and once was enough for me. You can read my “C+” review if you need further explanation as to my thoughts on this film, but I don’t ever intend to revisit it, the same way I haven’t revisited The Da Vinci Code.
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Funny People
I watched the unrated version of Funny People on Blu-ray and I would say the “B-” I gave it in my theatrical review would drop a notch or so the second time around. This film is pretty good until Eric Bana’s character shows up and turns it into something of a “wacky” comedy. It’s the film’s turning point and it’s a turn for the worse. However, I still say give this one a rent, it’s worth a one-time watch.
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Four Christmases
Bah humbug! My tone on this one has soured since my theatrical review. Get my full opinion on this Blu-ray right here.
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I just can’t seem to call loud enough on my inner-child to muster up enough interest in watching this.
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Janky Promoters
The crazy thing about this one is that it was actually released in theaters. What? You didn’t know that? Well, unless you lived next to one of the 22 theaters it was released in back in October I’m not surprised. However, a comedy with Ice Cube and Mike Epps can’t be all bad… Can it?
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