‘Road’ Poster, Maguire on ‘Spider-Man 4,’ Shatner in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Thor’ Casting


First off, a new short arrives on the heels of the short for Up I posted earlier. This time it’s the fifth in a series of Cars shorts directed by John Lasseter called “Unidentified Flying Mater.”

Moving on, TrekMovie has the as scripted scene from Star Trek had William Shatner as Captain Kirk been included. Read that here.

Next, Natalie Portman tells MTV Kat Dennings has secured a role in Thor but no word on what her role will be. Idris Elba also recently joined the cast as Heimdall, guardian of the Bifrost Bridge.

Tobey Maguire was quoted by HitFix saying Spider-Man 4 will begin filming in February or March of 2010 and said audiences will be seeing a new side to Peter Parker in the third sequel of the comic book flick.

Finally, Rolling Stone gets top-billing on the latest poster for The Road.

Photo: The Weinstein Co.