This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: November 17, 2009


I don’t know if any of you took my advice on the 50% off Criterion sale at Barnes and Noble I mentioned two weeks ago, but you have one more week and I have already taken advantage of it by getting Battle of Algiers, the Fanny and Alexander box set and upgraded my single-disc version of Seven Samurai with the three-disc edition. I basically paid about $70 for the whole thing with my Barnes and Noble Membership card and it’s about $160 worth of DVDs so that’s a good deal in my book. Take advantage of it and use this coupon to save an extra $5.

Now, for this week’s DVDs.

Gone With the Wind (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collection)
I just reviewed the Blu-ray edition of this and was incredibly impressed. What’s even more impressive is Amazon is charging only $45.49 for both the Blu-ray and DVD versions which means Blu-ray owners aren’t being punished for adopting the new format with outrageous prices. I have included the video I made looking at the extra bonuses this set comes with, but to get the full review, which includes a quality comparison to the 2004 four-disc edition click here.

Buy Gone With the Wind (70th Anniversary Ultimate Collection)
Star Trek
I am sure most people will be adding this one to their cart this week, it’s just a matter of which version? Once again, Amazon makes it INCREDIBLY easy to pick up the Blu-ray as they are charging $19.99 for both the Blu-ray and 2-disc DVD and if you don’t want that you can pick up the single-disc DVD for only $9.99. Impressive!
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Kevin Smith Blu-ray Collection / Chasing Amy / Clerks
I reviewed this one also, which you can read right here. In short, I think the Blu-ray versions of Jay and Silent Bob and Chasing Amy are worth the pick up, but Clerks just did not look good in high definition and for $55.49 I’m not sure it’s worth the price. If you already own the tenth anniversary edition of Clerks on DVD forget about this Blu-ray and buy the other two separately, or just Chasing Amy if you already own the Clerks tenth anniversary DVD.
Buy Chasing Amy
Fight Club
I received this Blu-ray just today so I can’t tell you anything about it just yet, but DVD Beaver has some FANTASTIC screen captures that make prior editions look like they were presented with the same green tint we saw in The Matrix. The film now looks 100% color corrected, and on top of the improved picture it has a few new features including the ability to remix the sound design of four scenes from the film and some kind of other interactive feature that sounds too complicated to explain without trying it out first. Hopefully I will have further word for you soon, but this one already looks like it is worth it.
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L̩on РThe Professional
You know this movie. We know this movie, but come Wednesday we can talk about this movie a little further… Stay tuned.
Buy Léon - The Professional
I reviewed this one too (read it here) and in short, rent it from Netflix and be done with it. It has a couple of really good features that outshine the movie at every turn as this is a movie I can’t imagine people wanting to watch more than once.
Buy Bruno
Scrubs – The Complete Eighth Season
I thought this one had already come out, but apparently I was wrong. It showed up recently, but I’m not sure I am going to find the time to review it. I have reviewed several previous seasons, but sort of lost interest after the lackluster final episodes of the seventh season and what was overall a pretty lousy season.
Buy Scrubs - The Complete Eighth Season
Wild Child
Ugh, nope.
Buy Wild Child
My Sister’s Keeper
This one showed up and I simply can’t bring myself to watch it. Obviously I am judging this book by its cover, but I’m just not interested.
Buy My Sister's Keeper
The Open Road
Now this one starring Justin Timberlake, Kate Mara and Jeff Bridges looked decent, gonna have to add it to the Netflix account for one of these days.
Buy The Open Road
I have no idea what’s going on with this movie, but if the cover art has you interested click here to watch the trailer and see if it’s for you.
Buy Franklyn
The Limits of Control
This movie bored me to the point I couldn’t even bring myself to review it back in May. Every now and then that happens.
Buy The Limits of Control
Ironically enough, I saw this one and didn’t review it either. Primarily because I couldn’t get my thoughts together on it. The first half is basically rubbish in my opinion, but it gets progressively better. Definitely worth a rental and perhaps you’ll like it enough to add it to your collection.
Buy Thirst
Mamma Mia! – Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! More Gift Set
I am mentioning this here because Universal sent it to me and when you push a button on the box cover it plays a clip from the title song and lights begin flashing around the film’s title. It’s quite the production and it comes with the full soundtrack. I hated this movie, but I know it has several fans and they are sure to enjoy this new edition. Pick it up if you’re a fan, avoid at all costs if you’re not.
Buy Mamma Mia! - Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! More Gift Set